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This essay seems to predict a shift of data warehousing or data mart management, and performance of ETL functions that result in delivery of readily useful data to end users and analysts, from the data warehousing team to MSP's.

Similarly, it points toward a potential additional or currently underserved type of IT service, something like a data analysis or integration consulting role, that I've formerly seen provided by the data warehousing team or the suppliers who deliver software products.

Wave of the future: shift of data warehousing from the internal data warehousing team to a supplier? In the event this capability doesn't already exist in a company, a supplier may be able to provide scope and scale that enables a smaller or less mature company to benefit in a way it formerly could not. Alternatively, in a company that already has an internal data warehousing, analysis, or ETL function, does this predicted transition represent unwise outsourcing of intellectual property and capability?

Julie Hunt

Hi Dylan - thanks for adding your thoughts to the conversation.

Data integration and data management are due for some major overhauls, that are becoming more possible both through new technologies and through new "business models" for better utilizing data for business needs. You provide some very interesting possibilities for the near future of data management.


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