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You nailed it, Julie. *LOVE* this post.



I really love this quote:

Latent inhibition has a corollary: too much specialized knowledge can stand in the way of creative thinking.

Julie Hunt

Hey Alan - Thanks, so glad that it "hit the spot"! I really enjoyed writing the post.

And hey Phil - Agree about the quote; Ulrich Kraft's research is very compelling and takes some unexpected direction re: creativity and inhibition.


Wonderful post - love the discussion of signal to noise ratio. You might be interested to read the chapter on shaping serendipity in my recent book The Power of Pull - a concept that I also briefly discuss in this blog post - http://bit.ly/aZJcn0 Would love to discuss with you.

Julie Hunt

Hi John,
Thanks so much for taking time to read my article and add your thoughts - I really appreciate your feedback!

Serendipity – I just love this word – it has a whimsical nuance and a sense of the delightfully unexpected that is so often smothered by enterprises and individuals too caught up in “business as usual” and preconceived notions of how to be successful.

I have ‘The Power of Pull’ -- intend to read it soon. Scanning through the chapter you suggested, I do like how you combine the conceptual with the practical – something I work to accomplish with a lot of my writing.

I’d love to discuss all of this further with you too. I’m available on multiple venues to chat: [email protected] -- Twitter: juliebhunt -- Skype: juliebhunt – just let me know what you’d like to do.


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