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Jim Harris

Great ‘social-logical’ article, Julie.

Twitter has always been my favorite social networking service for many reasons, but perhaps the most important one is that it is not a walled garden, i.e., unlike other social networking services (e.g., LinkedIn), you do not need an account on Twitter for read-only access to its content.

Although, of course, Twitter does provide privacy options for both tweets and accounts, and in fairness, LinkedIn did recently enable the option to make its groups, its walled gardens within a walled garden, open, which I believe greatly improves their usefulness.

The comparison of social networks with intranets is an important one, especially for companies still struggling with how to become a social business, and I definitely agree that Twitter is essentially a social intranet for tech professionals (and other professionals within the other Twitter “collectives” floating through the Twittersphere).

The social intranet super-structure organically created by each tech professional on Twitter acting as their own community and brand manager is an excellent description of what is definitely a smarter, edgier version of collaboration that everyone can benefit from.

Best Regards and Happy New Year,


Julie Hunt

And Happy New Year to you Jim! I truly appreciate your reaction to the ideas I'm floating in this post, especially regarding the need to evaporate walls and silos, and new ways for all individuals to collaborate for meaningful purpose.

Very glad to be one of your tweet-mates!

Alan Berkson


You've said here what I haven't been able to articulate to people who think Twitter is a bunch of people telling each other what they had for breakfast. "Birds of a feather" indeed.


Julie Hunt

Hey Alan! Yes, it's unfortunate that the 'Twitter image' is still a trivial one for a lot of people. I'm just delighted that so many biz tech people 'get it' - otherwise, I would never have connected with individuals like you or Jim Harris & gained so much from chatting, meeting your connections, reading your posts, and so on.

Doug Needham

Awesome article, Julie.

Twitter does remind me of BBS's in that you can find that "Birds of a feather" niche very quickly. Being able to directly tweet with others in our industry and seeing what they think "behind the scenes" of the official blogs, articles and books gives an incredible insight into both the industry and the people who are working on both cutting edge technologies as well as those of us working on regular day to day usage of technology.


Julie Hunt

Doug, thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind words. Being able to talk with all sorts of people, all over the world, about the things that matter to each of us is an amazing thing. Plus all the fresh input / discussion to help shake each of us out of our "business as usual" routines, to see things in new ways.


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