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Ian Truscott

Hi Julie,

An excellent article, a healthy contribution to the discussion on engagement and web experience. I especially enjoyed this exploration of how this fits with the traditional view of this space and how we evaluate our requirements and the tools within it.

Plus of course, thank you for the link - it is absolutely a subject dear to my heart. I'd also recommend checking out a (free) paper that my colleague Mary Laplante authored last year (http://gilbane.com/whitepapers/FatWire/FatWire-Web-Engagement-WP-7-08.pdf).

Enjoying your work!



Julie Hunt

Hi Ian,
Really appreciate you stopping by to leave such a thorough comment – thanks so much for the kind words. There is a wealth of great content coming from many writers regarding the potential and real-world use for WEM – it’s great to know about Mary LaPlante’s WP! Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts!

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