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You can just remove the term "software" and it all still applies. Many businesses have crashed on the rocks lured by the siren song of the sheer size of the SMB market. Selling in that space is different, as you describe so well.

Alan Berkson
Intelligist Group

Julie Hunt

Hi Alan,
Absolutely, I totally agree that this article applies to many kinds of vendors targeting SMB / Mid-market customers (buyers) -- I appreciate you calling that out!

I opted for the use case of B2B software vendors to provide real-world specifics of applying my recommendations (and because I know that world well).

Thanks for reading the article and taking time to share your reaction.


Arun Andhavarapu

What do you see as the big growth areas for SMB software sales? Thanks

Julie Hunt

Hello Arun - thanks for stopping by and reading my post!

Solution growth areas for SMB software:
-- mobile-based applications: business tech at fingertips
-- data integration
-- BI, analytics
-- ERP (beyond basic accounting)
-- web presence, web sites, eCommerce - taking it to a more sophisticated level
-- solutions based in cloud, SaaS

The key here is tailoring software solutions that are truly targeting SMB / Mid-market companies in terms of meeting requirements & needs, cost, ease of implementation/use, little or no IT needed.

You might find this post useful: Selling Software Solutions to SMB Markets – Who and How To Target http://bit.ly/5OerEj


Julie Hunt

Thanks for stopping by Bob - appreciate the kind words.

If you're active on Twitter, you might check out #archat - moderated by @frecmcclimans and @LoudyOutLoud, Tuesdays Noon ET.


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