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Nice article. There are certainly a wide range of activities that can be called "scrm". You mention crowd-sourcing, which I believe is a point that B2B companies could successfully incorporate into their strategy. Whenever someone gives a case study about social crm, it's always in reference to a large B2C company, like Proctor and Gamble; and while the scrm strategy may differ greatly for companies in other industries and of different sizes, there are still elements that can be successfully incorporated.


Julie Hunt

Hi Andrew!
Really appreciate that you stopped by to read my article. Yes, I agree, that a lot of social media and social crm information was originally slanted to B2C. But, as you point out, there are many aspects of social that can work well for B2B vendors. What matters most is that each vendor develop an overall go-to-market strategy and then looks at social as part of the strategy. Same idea for customer-focus: commitment to a customer strategy where social crm plays a key role. Either social approach requires authentic positive regard for customers.

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