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Joe Stewart

Julie, you've made at least 2 observations with which I concur; namely:
It is well past due for analysts to take WEM out of the “ECM platform” and recognize WEM as a separate and very different solution set that has little to do with the constructs of ECM.
... is using a vendor’s overall market presence for all of the products that it sells (not just its market presence as related to the WCM segment) as a weighting factor.

These are right on and insightful.

Roland Benedetti


Thanks for this interesting reading.
One comment though, i landed there coming from the reading of a post on cmswire.com about 'Web Engagement Management' (and not 'Web Experience Management').

Are they the same for you ? I guess so, but this in anycase gave me the occasion to mention how much our industry is in my opinion 'over-acronymed', suffering of too much of buzzwords and abstract new market segementations .... Those might serve analysts and consultants, i really doubt of the value for the end user / customer.

Julie Hunt

Hi Roland,

Really appreciate your checking out my post. The term “web experience management” predates “Web engagement management” but yes, they are covering the same solution space. In this case, it is important to customers to differentiate WEM from WCM (web content management), since the WEM solution covers a lot more than “traditional” web content management and therefore should have a different name. This is the core point of this article.

BTW, my work is cross-posted on CMS Wire:
The article you have read here in my blog is published as “WEM Perspectives: It's Time for Analysts and Buyers to Move Beyond Web CMS” http://bit.ly/c0WlHs

An article that further articulates how much web solutions will likely evolve is “Goodbye Corporate Website – Hello Web Presence Management Framework?” http://ht.ly/17LLcC Also in my blog http://bit.ly/9OKaXX


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